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Clinical Hypnosis


Hypnosis Demystified

Hypnosis can't make you do anything you wouldn't approve of. 

It isn't magic either. 

It's  something that you are actually in and out of many times during the  day. On the scale from awake to sleep, this is called trance. 

A state of hyper focus. 

As  if you are driving on a highway and you suddenly realize that you are  almost at your destination, but you don't know how it happened so fast. 

Your mind was in a state of trance. That's right. 

Hypnosis allows the conscious mind to take a back seat and let the unconscious  mind take control and be an agent for change. 

Just like the time you stopped getting in your own way and made positive changes in your life. 

Marina  completed training at the Milton Erickson Foundation and was taught by Dr. Brent Geary, Dr. Jeff Zeig and Dr. Lilian Borges.

Marina uses the indirect Ericksonian approach to clinical hypnosis. 

It works as the conscious control of the mind is inhibited, and the subconscious  mind is awoken.

Hypnosis  is very relaxing and can help with a variety of things like, stress,  anxiety, quitting smoking, sports visualization, motivation, weight  loss, and anything else you'd like to work on. 

Call me and we can talk about the possibilities. 

After our session, you will be given the recording to take home and listen to daily. We will measure your progress and tweak as needed.

Custom Hypnosis Order Testimonial

Theresa, a female in her late thirties, had this to say about a recent custom order in an email as she was looking to place another custom order. 

"I'm reaching out now for two reasons. One: to thank you.  This was no "cookie cutter" script.  You put real thought, care, expertise, and subtle touches into this recording and it shows.  Your voice and delivery definitely works very well for me.  You are very good at this."  

The Rewind Technique


The Rewind Technique is a tried-and-tested approach to treating PTSD and phobias

For many years, severe anxiety-based conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder or phobias were considered treatable only through long, painful exposure therapy, and in some cases, not at all.

Now, thankfully, we have access to a comfortable, effective treatment that can greatly reduce, and even remove, traumatic or phobic symptoms quickly.

Research Results for the Rewind Technique

Although research into the Rewind Technique is still in its infancy, one study carried out by the Human Givens Institute in the UK showed the following results: Study size: 30 people  

  • 40% of clients rated rewind as extremely successful.
  • 53% rated it as successful.
  • 7% rated it as acceptable.

No one rated the Rewind Technique poor or as a failure.  

  • Prior to rewind, on average clients rated their well being as 12 out of 50.
  • Seven to 10 days after treatment, the average score was 30.3 out of 50.
  • Three to six months later, the average score was 32.2.

This represents an improvement of 167.4 per cent on their original ratings. A four-year study carried out within NOVA  (part of the Barnardo’s charity) showed similarly impressive results:  Study size: 47 people, 57% of whom treated with Rewind alone.  

  • 26 would have met the criteria for PTSD.
  • After treatment none of the forty-seven people treated met the criteria for PTSD.
  • There was also a significant reduction of all sub symptoms   associated with PTSD, five categories had zero reports after treatment.

(Human Given journal Volume 14, No 4- 2007)

Rewind does not need you to go over the traumatic incident(s) again

Many people with trauma or phobias have been treated using approaches which drag them back through the experience again; a highly unpleasant thing to have to do. 

This does not happen with the Rewind, and I do not in fact even need to know the details of what happened to you. 

So if you suffer from PTSD or phobias I think I can help, so please give me a call and I can tell you anything else you need to know.


Hypnosis for Anxiety

Married  female in her 30's wanted help with anxiety, especially on airplanes.  Also wanted help with social anxiety and better relations with certain family members.  

Here is what she had to say:

The greatest thing that the hypnosis has given me is less anxiety. In my social areas, work areas and fears!  I  haves issues on planes. When everyone is loading the plane...too many  people in a small place...I get very anxious. Can't breath, shaking,  etc. the last time I was on a plane that started to happen. I popped in  my ear buds and started listening to the hypnosis. I was completely relaxed and did not have to take my meds to calm down!! Win!!! Also, I'm finding myself more confident in social areas which I've had huge issues with. Small steps but it's working! 

Overall I am loving listening to the sessions and really feel a huge difference!!  Thank you Marina!!

Hypnosis for Anxiety

Married female in her 30's who has panic attacks.  

Here is what she had to say:

Oh my goodness.  I'm in awe.  I was on my way to another one and I watched my heart rate on my Fitbit go from 95 to 76 during the time I was listening.  Thank you, a million times over!  

Hypnosis for Patience and Motivation

Married  female in her late 30's with two children wanted help with having more  patience and more motivation to work out and eat healthier.

I did it right when I woke up (was excited to get it ) and I felt like I needed to get up and get stuff done rather than laying there for another hour like I usually would have. Got some chores started and did my workout.

I have found myself slowing down in my response to things at home, instead of being so quick to get upset or lose patience. 

I have found a way to workout everyday  where as before I was only doing it when training with my trainer and I  have found (although it wasn't necessarily in the conversation or tape)  that I am making better food choices and sticking to schedule/routine more at home.

Hypnosis for Patience

Single Male in his late 20's wanted help with anger issues and wanted to gain more patience. 

I couldn't get out of angry mode. I hate it and yet, I couldn't control it. After listening to your audio...I cried. Don't tell anyone. I didn't know I could feel this good.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss and Healthier Eating Habits

Single female in her mid 20's who has been struggling with her weight since her teens. 

What I have noticed immediately is my decision making of food choices- they have been a whole lot better & everything is a conscious choice. 

Yesterday I ate fast food & felt disgusting afterwards.

Hypnosis for Dealing with Family Stress/ Addiction

Married female in her 30's with one child. Anxiety issues and has trouble being around her mother.

I did listen again last night and felt so relaxed...I  went to my mothers house and she is so high strung...She cussed from  her house all the way to the place we were going to eat...Usually I am  ready to choked her out (lol) but I didn't argue with her, not one time!

Single male in his 20's that has been struggling with alcoholism for 3 years.

I have never felt like this before. I have never just felt like I could take this time for me. I wanted a drink so badly coming in here. I don't now.