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Partnership Opportunities

ALLWays Another Way loves people and things that are outside of the box.

Honesty, integrity and doing the right thing are not negotiable.

Marina believes that strategic partnerships can collectively raise a higher consciousness. If this speaks to you, perhaps we need to take this a step further. All conversations welcome. I'm interested to hear about how you do things ANOTHER WAY. 

Live Events

Marina is trained in Clinical Hypnosis, she is engaging as a Motivational Speaker, she creates unforgettable Live Events, brings IMAGINATION to corporate retreats, and hosts weekly sound meditation classes.   


• Connection to Higher Self 

• Deep Relaxation 

• Improved Circulation 

• Improved Sleep 

• Reduced Stress 

• Strengthened Immune System   

Carefully Designed Structure 

• Guided Hypnotic Meditation anywhere from 5-45 minutes 

• Musical Accompaniment of Crystal and Brass Singing Bowls, Gong, Bells, and Ambient beats – 20-25 minutes 

• May include additional musicians


Marina creates carefully crafted motivational speeches using guided imagery and hypnotic language. A story for your audience, unlike one they have never heard before -- and one that will leave them feeling better than when they walked in the room. 

Marina is an expert in speaking out against verbal abuse, high conflict divorce and parental alienation. She has over 8 years of research into high conflict divorce. She is the author of Nasty Divorce: A Kid's Eye View and has been writing positive divorce advice since 2012 for The Huff Post. She has been on many radio shows as an expert on high conflict divorce. 

Her experience in her 20's of being in an abusive relationship has given Marina the courage to speak out against this silent soul killer. Education begins early. 

Weekly Local Classes

Carefully Designed Structure 

• Guided Hypnotic Meditation – 5-10 minutes 

• Musical Accompaniment of Crystal and Brass Singing Bowls, Gong, Bells, and Ambient beats – 20-25 minutes 

Studios & Schedule
The Refuge Meditation
Friday 9p
V12 Yoga

Tuesday 8p


Let's talk partnerships.

Corporate Events

Let's talk and create something just right.

Marina is an IPPY Award Winning author, speaker and Podcast Host. 

She is trained in Clinical Hypnosis and holds Guided Imagery and Sound Meditation classes and events.

She brings energy, inspiration and connection to your next event.

Contact us, and we can design a workshop or presentation and find something just right, that's right.