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Self Unbound

Network Spinal Care utilizes precise and gentle touches along your spine  to cue the brain to become self-aware of learned tension patterns  (areas that are constantly draining you of precious energy and  resources). The stored tension patterns may be learned as a protective  response against physical, emotional, or chemical trauma.

The Yoga Movement

Iyengar, Vinyasa and Deep Stretch
Private Yoga
learn, heal, advance
acro yoga and handstands
Teacher Training
200 hour teacher training certification
baby and belly – pre and post pregnancy

The Refuge Meditation

The only place like it in Dallas. 

True community. 

Meditation, Yoga, Sound Healing, Crystals and so much more. 




OhZone Clinics Dallas

Ozone is becoming the most sought after treatment for people all over  the world. Our Ozone saunas and detox treatments increase circulation,  promote energy, naturally stimulate anti-oxidant enzyme production,  improve absorption of nutrients, improve skin tone and so much more.

Ozone Therapy will fuel your body with clean oxygen so that antigens  cannot have a home to thrive in. With each session you will walk away  knowing you have just built your immune system up so that it can fight  off any foreign invaders that you may be in contact with daily.